Saturday, September 6, 2008

my favorite place to buy art

Some of you are familiar with Community Works 945, the umbrella name for the art, street soccer, and gardening program located at the Urban Ministry Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. These programs have affected the lives of hundreds of homeless participants by providing opportunities for creative expression, skill-building, regrouping, opening doors, making relationships, and uncovering new passions. I had the great fortune of collaborating with UM staff and volunteers, UNCC faculty, and UNCC students to build the ARTPARK last spring next to the UM train station, a public space that incorporates all three components of Community Works while also providing lockers for storage, benches for relaxation, and quiet corners for time alone. I had been to the Art Works auction before, but spending time at UM daily showed me how much talent is there waiting to be seen and how much pride is taken in the work the UM artists create.

Last year I bought Vanessa/Batgirl at the auction, and regardless of my current distance from Charlotte, I feel she is one thing that ties me back to the city and to the great vision of the Community Works programs. So, for those of you within driving distance, here is this year's information on not just the auction, but a pre-auction exhibit that allows a peek at what will be available on the 13th. If you can't make it in person, you can always donate to Art Works 945 (check out the website at and help sponsor the long walk between unearthing creative passion and getting it out for the rest of the world to see.

Below is the official announcement. Please support the artists and the program by attending the auction, purchasing work, or making a donation. Or, shift your consciousness and the consciousness of others - find a group or an individual in your own corner of the world who could benefit from being seen for their talents and potentials rather than their difficulties, and make it happen.

Annual Art Works 945 Auction: 5-7pm Sept. 13th

Art Works 945 of the Urban Ministry Center is proud to announce its annual auction, a unique event where the homeless are able to be seen for the talents and humanity that they posses and not for what they lack. Art Works 945 was recently included in a nation directory of self –taught and outsider art centers. The programmatic value of the Art Works 945 aside, the auction features authentic, inspiring artwork of real value at great prices. Please come and support the homeless with your attendance, and if you see something you like, please purchase it. Photographs, paintings, carvings, and ceramics at all price ranges are for sale. Proceeds are split between the artist and the cost of supplies for the program.

Gallery Three Pre-Sale We are also proud to announce that Wachovia is hosting a current exhibit at Gallery Three [401 S. Tryon Street, Suite 145 Charlotte, NC 28202] until Sept.10. The show features highlights of 2008 from Art Works 945. Link here for a quick peak at the show. Paintings are available for outright purchase before the auction from Gallery Three.

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frances said...

I've been to this art auction and currently own art by the artist whose work is on this announcement. There are some fantastic artists in this program and I encourage anyone within driving distance to come to the auction and buy art--because the art is great and the cause is more than worthwhile.
frances in Charlotte