Saturday, September 20, 2008

post-parking 3.1b

Here is an image from our park(ing) spot yesterday. What a wonderful sunny day to hang out on the street with cool people and distribute information about the state of public space in America. Of course, actions speak louder than words, and in the end I think many of us are more concerned than ever that public space is only vaguely public in this neoliberal city. Though we successfully negotiated with the parking patrol (who turned out to be a very nice woman who made a phone call to her supervisor on our behalf) we were not so lucky with the woman who owns the knitting shop down the street. Because we didn't have an official permit (isn't that part of the point?) and she had called in a formal complaint, the policeman had to insist we disassemble. Who knew that parking spaces and sidewalks really are not public space. Prior to that, though, we had a fun full day of truck driving, measuring, gluing, griding, eating, and laughing. Big apologies to the band and all their musical friends who were willing to play for our event that died an early death due to the crankiness of a crazy knitter. But big thanks for the semi-private performance post-parking. Let's do it again soon everyone.

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