Sunday, January 18, 2009 - Renew America Together.

Yes, some people may be sick of Obama hype (is it possible??), but as long as his vision and my vision keep colliding like magnetic balls (and probably even way past that), I'll be here spreading the good word. The latest effort from Obamaland is Monday's Day of Service. Hard to believe it took more than 40 years and a revolutionary election for our country as a whole to be ready to live up to this call in what I imagine will be record numbers. Of course, isn't this exactly why it was a revolutionary election in the first place? Because we have come to our common senses and recognized not just our hope, but our responsibility in creating it? Coretta must be smiling as the day she worked so hard to get on the calendar is finally growing to represent the mission of the man it was intended to remember. Once again, Obama central has used the internet to make it easy for us to both find and post events where we can make individual choices that contribute to the collective call. Click here and choose something within five miles of your house or fifty to devote your time to your choice of posted worthy causes. Thanks, OTeam, for doing the work on this one.

Next week we're staring a guest writer series that I'm super excited about. Stay tuned.

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