Sunday, October 5, 2008

complete this cause, and it boosts all the others... 30 more days

My personal cause of the week today is the 200 plus pages of reading for Sylvia Lavin's theory class, but that's just me. School has started, and it is a large rolling stone speeding up ever faster for the months to come. I'm doing my best to be on the sunny side, or the mossy side, or even on the shiny cover, but not under the rock itself.

Regardless. Michelle Obama tells me (in a personal email, of course) that tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote in Ohio. Ohio voters can also choose to vote early by tomorrow, which means the very first actual votes will go on record in the next few days! After all the chatter (and some patronizing winks and smirks in the last two weeks) I know we're all ready to get this voting going. The Obama website has a simple way to get involved in encouraging your neighbors - or your emotional neighbors in far away swing states - to register and to vote. By signing up on their website, you can get names, phone numbers, and/or addresses of folks with which you can share your personal Obamalove. For those who aren't into one-on-one political encouragement, head down to your local hq and help sell stickers, assemble yard signs, or fill out paperwork. And for the least physically active and most financially active option, you can always fund a commerical, sponsor a registration trip, pay for someone else to join the team on your behalf. Or, do something creative - make a film, write a song, paint a painting to support voter registreation - and post it here. (I'm going to write a blog entry!) So, let's get Ohio on our team, and North Carolina, and Colorado, and Nevada, and let's win this thing, so we can get back to all the other causes that need us, too.

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